Louisville Strongman training group:

Specialized programming and small group coaching for strength sports. Small group coaching is designed to foster a positive environment for growth and provide the most comprehensive, professional, and educated coaching on strength training in the city of Louisville.

Pricing: $100.00/Month

Professional Coaching: 

Individualized programming and 1-on-1 coaching geared toward client’s specific fitness needs and goals. Coaching areas of specialty include Olympic weightlifting, weight loss, strongman, powerlifting, in-season and off-season sport-specific training.

Pricing: All sessions are 1 hour at $65.00 per session.  10 Sessions discounted for $585.00 and 20 sessions discounted for $999.00.

Customized Programming:

After an initial movement analysis is performed, 15 weeks of customized programming can be created to address clients training needs and goals.

Pricing: Movement analysis is $50.00. 15 Week mesocycle is $100.00.