Strongman Frame Deadlift

Why Strongman?

Imagine that you want to build your pyramid of fitness and at the top of this pyramid is a physical goal that you have set for yourself. Having that peak in place tells you where you want your fitness to go. With the end game in mind, now you have to take your first step towards it. How do you get there? No matter what goal you have set at the top of your pyramid the base is the same for all of them, strength. Raw strength is the trait every professional or recreational athlete possesses and displays in one capacity or another. Bodybuilders, football players, powerlifters, crossfitters, and even runners all possess either high values of absolute or relative strength.

Strongman is a sport that is built on the concept of displaying strength across multiple physical domains with various implements. Training for this is focused on feats of physical strength and mental toughness. Considering that the bottom tier of anyone’s fitness pyramid is built on the foundation of strength, it only makes sense that strongman training is the first step for everyone looking to improve their physical performance.  Resistance training for strongman is the start of your journey and will be key in turning you into the mentally tough and physically strong individual you’re striving to be.

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